At My Branch Office SOMA One, we have high-definition television displays accessible in the Orchard, Ash Conference Room, and Maplewood Conference Room. You can easily connect your laptop to display what’s on your screen, perfect for presentations, conferences, or simply to see your work on a larger screen. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to connect.


Method 1: Wired Connection

1. Connect one end of the HDMI cord to the back of the TV if you are in the Orchard, or to the outlet located underneath the TV if you are using either of the conference rooms.



2. Connect the other end to your laptop. If you have a Mac, tablet, or other device that doesn’t have an HDMI port, we will provide you with an HDMI to USB adapter.



3. What you see on your laptop screen should immediately display on the TV. If it does not, make sure the TV is on the HDMI1 setting.


Method 2: Wireless Bluetooth Connection

1. Connect your device to the My Branch Office Wi-Fi network.

       Username: MBO_SOMA1

       Password: *Subject to change – refer to a staff member for assistance


2. Turn on Bluetooth in your laptop settings and click ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’.


3. From here, click ‘Wireless display or dock’. 


4. Our TV is discoverable as either ‘Maplewood Room LG’, ‘Ash Room LG’, or ‘The Orchard’, depending on which space you are using.


5. After selecting the correct device, your laptop is paired and ready to go! You should see what’s on your laptop screen displayed on our TV. 

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